Building a strong company brand is arguably the most important sales tool in obtaining customers in today’s competitive marketplace.

A company’s brand is a commitment to consumers, and the foundation of your marketing communication. The Think Shop “pioneers” are devoted to spending the time required to explore and research your business and market in order to define and build a brand as strong as the services it provides.


Logo Design

The use of symbols in communication has existed for generations as an effective way of conveying concepts or messages in a minimal space for a concise read. A strong logo is a way of conveying a company’s message in this same manner.

A logo is the first impression, and many times the deciding factor for a consumer’s purchase choice. A great logo will generate interest in your company, opening doors to sales and business opportunities. The Think Shop designers understand the importance of a great logo and the fact that a business has only one chance to make a first impression.


Graphic Design

Good graphic design is a powerful tool in business recognition, and not only the difference between a cool look or a boring brochure, but it could make the difference between a prospect choosing you or your competition for their business.

Skillful design strengthens your brand and adds a layer of noticeable professionalism. The Think Shop designers create smart collateral pieces to set your company’s image apart from its competition.


Website Design

In today’s digital age, a website is the front door to any business or organization.

Our digital designers understand the importance of an effective digital presence and build to suit each client’s business personality and goals. Custom websites built by The Think Shop designers are not only eye-catching, but easy to navigate, fully optimized with social media integration and designed to be easy for owners to edit and update on their own.


Social Media Management

Social media is the modern word-of-mouth advertising.

The Think Shop digital media specialists know how to maximize this outlet, gaining more recognition, better opportunities, and more sales for your business or organization. Our specialists work with clients to decide the message to be conveyed, make a plan, and execute the plan utilizing the most appropriate outlets.


Media Planning, Strategy & Management

All effective advertising campaigns begin with a solid plan of how to communicate your brand message to the masses.

Be it digital, traditional print, or broadcast, The Think Shop media managers explore all options for every business and focus on the best selections for an effective advertising effort that matches the business’ goals. Our planners will review options, expectations, and implementation of every plan before even one dollar is spent on advertising.  We are realistic in our approach and understand that not every business can afford large advertising campaigns. We have learned to be effective working with budgets of all sizes; creating, managing and deploying successful advertising campaigns.